Better Data, Smarter Products

Perfectly annotated training data for any scenario

AI.Reverie is the end-to-end data solution for AI.

Data Generation

Data Generation

Include rare objects and events to deploy AI in any scenario.

Data Labeling

Data Labeling

Perfect procedural annotations accelerate projects and reduce budget.

Data Enhancement

Data Enhancement

Fast, iterative test cycles improve data and performance.

“By 2024, use of synthetic data and transfer learning will halve the volume of real data needed for machine learning.”

Gartner, Predicts 2021: Artificial Intelligence Core Technologies, Farhan Choudhary, December 22, 2020

AI.Reverie goes further…its approach is particularly useful for exposing software to scenarios that might be hard to find in data gleaned from the real world.

Economist, October 2019

[AI.Reverie] offers a suite of synthetic data and vision APIs to help businesses across different industries train their machine learning algorithms and improve their AI accuracy and repeatability.

Forbes, April 2020

We’re convinced that [synthetic data] is going to be the future in terms of making things work well.

Stacey on IoT, June 2020