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Synthetic Data Partner
Synthetic Data Partner

AI.Reverie Resolves Major Data Challenges


Even images impossible
to procure in the real world


All perspectives and conditions


No privacy concerns


Faster development cycles


Virtually limitless quantity


Fully representative data

AI.Reverie Synthetic Data Works


Real Data Benchmark


AI.Reverie Synthetic Data


AI.Reverie Synthetic + 10% Real

94% Accuracy

Models trained on ‘synthetic data only’ perform almost as well as ones trained on real data.

15% Lift

With transfer learning: models trained on synthetic data and only 10% of the real dataset outperform the real-data-only benchmark.

Average result across AI.Reverie projects

A Gartner Cool Vendor

Highlighted in “Cool Vendor in AI Core Technologies” by Gartner

A Trusted Partner

Insights from dynamic application enhance our
versatile toolset.


  • Weed Detection
  • Plant Growth
  • Crop Sorting


  • Threat Detection
  • Surveillance
  • Humanitarian Relief


  • Site Management
  • Plane Classification
  • Machinery Maintenance


  • Cashier-less Checkout
  • Inventory Control
  • Weapons Detection


  • Theft Detection
  • Violent Activity Recognition
  • Surveillance

Smart Cities

  • Public Safety
  • Mobile Robotics
  • Traffic Control

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