Meet the Founders



Daeil Kim

Daeil Kim believes that we can create a future where issues related to food, shelter and health can be efficiently met with the help of AI.  

Daeil grew up in New York City and received a liberal arts degree at Sarah Lawrence College, focusing on literature. An interest in medicine led him to New Mexico to research schizophrenia and to understand mental illness through artificial intelligence. He then pursued a Ph.D. in computer science at Brown University, focusing on the development of scalable machine learning algorithms. Afterwards, his interests in developing tools for investigative journalism led him to pursue a career as a data scientist at The New York Times.  

Driven by the passion to create a better world with AI, Daeil created AI.Reverie, a simulation platform to train AI to understand the world and make it better.



Paul Walborsky

Former SVP at the New York Times leading the global digital expansion into markets such as Latam, Australia, Canada and China.  Paul brings to the table decades of entrepreneurial experience in technology startups.  He was the CEO of Gigaom for over 7 years, growing revenue from $300k to $18 million and was the founder and COO of WorldStreet, a SaaS CRM platform acquired by Thomson Reuters in 2002.


Founder, General Counsel

Joey Tran

A co-founder and partner of Acceleron Law Group, LLP, a Silicon Valley law firm, Joey has represented a wide variety of companies -- ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies across the high tech industry including Web 2.0 and life sciences.