Data Generation

We build synthetic, 3D environments that re-create and go beyond reality to train algorithms with an endless array of environmental scenarios, including lighting, physics, weather, and gravity.

Data Generation Outdoor Environments


We use real world data such as satellite images and height maps to reproduce real locations in 3D.

Data Generation Indoor Scenarios


We generate diverse scenarios with varying perspectives while protecting consumers’ and companies’ data privacy.

Data Generation Custom


We create custom environments at any scale to address our client’s unique data challenges.

Customizable Environments

  • Outdoors, Indoors
  • Rural/Urban Environments
  • Biomes/Terrains/Ground Cover
  • Weather Conditions
  • Natural/Artificial Lighting
  • Custom

Dynamic Objects & Scenarios

  • People
  • Animals
  • Vehicles, Inanimate Objects
  • Basic Waypoint Movements
  • Object Physics
  • Character/Object Interaction

Configurable Sensors

  • First Person, CCTV, Satellite Points of View
  • Camera Sensors (RGB, PAN, LiDAR, Thermal)
  • Intrinsic Parameters
  • Extrinsic Parameters
  • Sensor Noise