We’re proud to work with the United States government and other organizations to help detect dangerous objects and people before they become deadly.
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How Synthetic Data Can Help

Rather than weaponizing AI, we work with the government to do just the opposite: help systems that detect dangerous situations before they become deadly.

Data accuracy is mission critical when it comes to safety. Traditionally, security and defense AI algorithms for computer vision require thousands of hours of drone video footage to approach accuracy that take even longer to annotate. When it comes to security and defense, however, time it critical. Synthetic data helps our partners achieve data diversity quickly, affordably, and accurately.

As Lt. Gen. Jack Shanahan, founding director of the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center, pointed out to Breaking Defense in November 2019, the quality and diversity of data is critical when it comes to security and defense artificial intelligence training.

Use Cases

Defense Threat Detection


Track critical objects that are relevant for intelligence gathering.

Defense Surveillance


Identify unusual activity to stay ahead of potentially threatening scenarios.

Defense Humanitarian Relief


Detect the boundaries of a natural disasters such as wildfires and floods.

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AI.Reverie’s conflict zone environments with dynamic scenario generation and automated annotations.