Our Industries

Take a look at how our data products have improved model accuracy in various industries.

Industry Overview Smart Cities
We support security, robotics and productivity to make daily life safer, more convenient, and more rewarding.

Public Safety · Mobile Robotics · Traffic Control

Industry Overview Defense

We work with the United States government and other organizations to help train artificial intelligence algorithms.

Threat Detection · Surveillance · Humanitarian Relief

Industry Overview Retail

We work with our retail partners to create environments that models forward-thinking retail experiences.

Cashier-less Checkout · Inventory Control · Weapons Detection

Industry Overview Agriculture

We simulate multiple scenarios, environmental conditions, plant growth stages and annotation schemes to create diverse datasets.

Weed Detection · Plant Growth · Crop Sorting

Industry Overview Industrial

We provide edge cases for weather, traffic, geography, and hard to come by scenarios for industrial applications.

Site Management · Plane Classification · Machinery Maintenance