A simulation platform to train AI to understand the world.

Meet the Team



Daeil Kim

Daeil Kim believes that we can create a future where issues related to food, shelter and health can be efficiently met with the help of AI.  

Daeil grew up in New York City and received a liberal arts degree at Sarah Lawrence College, focusing on literature. An interest in medicine led him to New Mexico to research schizophrenia and to understand mental illness through artificial intelligence. He then pursued a Ph.D. in computer science at Brown University, focusing on the development of scalable machine learning algorithms. Afterwards, his interests in developing tools for investigative journalism led him to pursue a career as a data scientist at The New York Times.  

Driven by the passion to create a better world with AI, Daeil created AI.Reverie, a simulation platform to train AI to understand the world and make it better.



Paul Walborsky

Former SVP at the New York Times leading the global digital expansion into markets such as Latam, Australia, Canada and China.  Paul brings to the table decades of entrepreneurial experience in technology startups.  He was the CEO of Gigaom for over 7 years, growing revenue from $300k to $18 million and was the founder and COO of WorldStreet, a SaaS CRM platform acquired by Thomson Reuters in 2002.


Founder, General Counsel

Joey Tran

A co-founder and partner of Acceleron Law Group, LLP, a Silicon Valley law firm, Joey has represented a wide variety of companies -- ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies across the high tech industry including Web 2.0 and life sciences.



Anh Dang

An idea generator and problem solver with over 15 years experience creating meaningful products with in-house teams at The New York Times, design agencies such as Razorfish, and organizations like the United Nations.  Anh has taught and lectured at a variety of institutions, including School of Visual Arts, Pratt Institute, and Columbia School of Journalism.  Anh received her master’s from New York University ITP, an innovative program that explores the intersections of art, communication and new technologies.



Conor Oberlander

Conor is a 3D technical artist with a persistent hunger for design exploration. He has a diverse skill set, able to play critical roles within each part of the technical pipeline, from concept to execution, to post production.  He holds formal training in Industrial Design from Rhode Island School of Design and has spent the last few years directing the experience design company Ambo Studios, creating large scale, interactive experiences for brands, events and spaces.



Seth Potter

Former Managing Director at ICR advising companies in the A.I., software, network security and mobile/telecom sectors. Prior to this, Seth spent over two decades as a senior financial analyst covering technology and telecom and was also co-founder and CFO of 3G Solutions, a national rooftop antenna site management company.



Natasha Ruiz

A designer that holds a BArch and BFA from Rhode Island School of Design where she was inspired to seek a more comprehensive and balanced design practice that could help address complex challenges at various scales. Prior joining the team, she grew a passion for architectural visualization and discovered the effectiveness of visuals as a form of communication..


Our Scientific Advisors



Tamara Broderick

Tamara Broderick is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT where her research focuses on developing and analyzing models for scalable Bayesian machine learning. Among her many awards are a Google Faculty Research Award, the ISBA Lifetime Members Junior Researcher Award, and the Savage Award. She also serves on the Board of Directors of WiML, an organization supporting women in machine learning and AI since 2006.



Michael C. Hughes

Michael C. (Mike) Hughes works on statistical machine learning. He develops methods that find useful structure in large, messy datasets and help people make decisions in the face of uncertainty. His research interests include Bayesian hierarchical models, optimization algorithms for approximate inference, model fairness and interpretability, and applications in medicine and the sciences. Active projects include helping clinicians understand and treat diseases like depression and infertility by training probabilistic models to make personalized drug recommendations for new patients based on the thousands of electronic health records observed from previous patients. Hughes completed a Ph.D. in computer science at Brown University in 2016 and spent two years as a postdoctoral fellow at the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Harvard University. His research papers and open-source code are available at www.michaelchughes.com



Erik Sudderth

A leading vision researcher who was once named as one of the top 10 AI researchers to watch out for by the IEEE, heads our Scientific Advisory Board. He is currently a professor of computer science at UC Irvine, formerly at Brown. He is a highly respected researcher in the field of computer vision, and has made significant contributions to the field of scalable machine learning and computer vision.


Our Business Advisors


Former Vice president of Human Resources at Tesla Motors

Arnnon Geshuri

Arnnon (Arnie) Geshuri joined Tesla in November 2009 as VP of Human Resources driving employee headcount from 400 to over 35,000 world-wide by 2017.   Previously, Arnie joined Google as chief staffing architect in late 2004, when the company just emerged from its IPO and employed around 2,500 people. While he oversaw all aspects of recruitment, Google evolved into a global technology powerhouse with 20,000 employees. Before Google, Arnie was VP of Human Resources for E*TRADE Financial where he helped scale the FinTech company by more than 2,000 people in 18 months.


Founder, EDITOR and writer OF Architecht

Derrick Harris

Derrick Harris is the founder and editor of ARCHITECHT, which covers the most interesting news and information about the business impacts of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and other trends reshaping enterprise IT. Derrick has been a technology journalist for more than a decade, most notably at Gigaom, and prior to ARCHITECHT was an early member of the marketing team at software startup Mesosphere.


co-Founder of StreamLabs

Murtaza Hussain

An Internet entrepreneur with 15 years of building online companies, Murtaza is currently the co-founder and president of StreamLabs, the most popular tool set used by live broadcasters on Twitch, Youtube, Facebook, etc.  He has been funded by Sequoia Capital.


Advisor & Investor of C2 growth, former GM Apple online store

Chris Misner

A 12-year Apple veteran, Chris most recently launched Apple’s Online Store in China,  led Apple’s e-commerce across all of Asia Pacific and created Apple’s e-commerce partnership network.  Chris was a senior  executive at Netscape, Backflip and Good Technology (acquired by Motorola).  


founder & CEO of zana

Shea Tate-Di Donna

Shea Tate-Di Donna is a career VC, entrepreneur, and Silicon Valley insider with more than a decade of experience in early stage high tech venture capital. She was the founder and CEO of Zana, acquired by Startups.co. Shea has served as a strategic advisor to Melinda Gates and her executive office Pivotal Ventures around women's access to capital and the investing landscape in Silicon Valley. Previously, Shea was senior vice president and part of the founding team at True Ventures where she served on the investment team and built True's calling card founder services platform, creating initiatives such as True University, TEC: the True Entrepreneur Corps, and Founder Camp.



Vice president of Product at Netflix

Todd Yellin

After over a dozen years at Netflix, Todd has leveraged the power of personalization to drive a key ingredient of the company's success.  As VP of Product he leads a team that combines art and science and is responsible for the sophisticated content discovery algorithms, the design of the user interfaces, and the personalized video and image assets that make Netflix's titles sing across dozens of languages. The goal is to create an easy, compelling way for Netflix members to find something great to watch.