Exploring the Value of Synthetic Data: Part 2

A combination of AI.Reverie synthetic data (center) overlaid upon real Maxar WorldView-3 satellite imagery (background) at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport. AI.Reverie software enables the generation of synthetic data from variable look angles and spatial resolutions.

Explore this case study from CosmiQ Works. Research Scientist and project lead Jake Shermeyer details how his team boosted rare aircraft detection using synthetic data from AI.Reverie.

This blog is the second and final post of a two-part conclusion to the experiments in RarePlanes. In these posts we explore the value of synthetic data from AI.Reverie and test how it could improve our ability to detect aircraft and their features. In particular we were interested in improving performance for rarely observed aircraft with limited observations in the training dataset. Ultimately, our experiments in these two posts will test the ability to improve detection of an aircraft’s specific make and model only (e.g. Cessna A-37 or Douglas C-47 Skytrain) using synthetic data.

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