Annotation Role

Procedurally annotated images of airplanes produced by AI.Reverie’s synthetic data platform.

AI.Reverie has been awarded a $1.5 million Phase 2 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract by AFWERX to build AI algorithms and improve navigation capabilities for the United States Air Force.

AI.Reverie will be supporting the 7th Bomb Wing at Dyess Air Force Base through their Rapid Capabilities office by leveraging synthetic data to train and improve the accuracy of vision algorithms for navigation. The use of synthetic data, or computer-generated images, solves the resource barriers associated with real data: the high cost and slow turnaround of hand-labeled photos stalls deployment of vision algorithms needed to save lives.

“We are delighted to be awarded this Phase 2 SBIR contract and look forward to partnering with the U.S. Air Force’s 7th Bomb Wing on this project,” said Daeil Kim, CEO and Co-founder of AI.Reverie. “Our goal is to equip soldiers to successfully navigate any situation, and we are proud to contribute to the United States military’s mission to protect our country.”

“As the world has gotten smaller, the ability to navigate based on visual terrain features has become an ever increasing challenge. Computer vision algorithms can be trained to recognize these world-wide terrain features by ingesting large amounts of diverse data,” said Anthony Bunker, Maj, USAF. “We are excited to collaborate with AI.Reverie to improve navigation capabilities given the company’s ability to generate fully annotated data at scale with its synthetic data platform.”


AFWERX is an innovation arm of the U.S. Air Force established in 2017. Its focus is to provide non-traditional innovators the opportunity to solve challenges and increase effectiveness within the Air Force. AFWERX has partnered with the U.S. Air Force SBIR with a start-up approach. They have accelerated timelines and processes to quickly scale innovation within the DoD.

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