Our Story

We’re believers in the future of AI through synthetic data, and we’ve made it real.


The Promise of AI

The AI.Reverie team is rooted in diverse backgrounds spanning science and art. We’re journalists, computer scientists, and creative thinkers. We bring different approaches to a shared vision in which artificial intelligence solves for human needs: food, safety and prosperity.

The world’s perception of Artificial Intelligence is shrouded in mystery and misinformation. AI.Reverie was borne from our collective desire to change that, and to build a future in which AI is sustainable. Our answer lies in synthetic data: harnessing computer-generated, three-dimensional environments to accelerate machine learning in a controlled, responsible, and empirical manner.

And it works: our synthetic-data solutions provide a virtually limitless supply of scenarios that are proven with benchmarked evidence and the measurable success of our business partners.


Data as an infinite resource

We created AI.Reverie with a challenge: What if we could predict – and then solve – the number-one obstacle facing AI and machine learning?

In order to accelerate machine learning, the source of that learning – data – must be readily available. On one hand, the modern world generates seemingly infinite data. On the other, existing data fails to capture many real-world scenarios, and labeling that data by hand is labor-intensive and expensive. So we set out to build a source of data with endless variety, and a labeling capability that would resolve issues of time and expense.


Making Synthetic Data Real

With our synthetic data learning environments and products, we’ve changed the paradigm of machine learning, creating a virtually infinite raw material (data) that has completely changed the cost structure of an investment in machine learning for our clients and partners.

AI.Reverie presents a collaborative, iterative approach grounded in synthetic data tools so flexible, data as a resource is rapidly becoming infinite. Further: models trained on our synthetic data have begun to outperform those trained on real data alone.

Work with us and see how our synthetic data platform can change the way you and your organization think about data collection and machine learning.