Security & Surveillance

Our data trains algorithms to recognize and help mitigate harmful situations. Enhance security applications with virtually limitless labeled images of relevant activity in interior and exterior environments.

How Synthetic Data Can Help

Security solutions using CCTV cameras often require computer vision algorithms that can detect danger to civilians. For these algorithms to distinguish between normal and threatening objects and behavior, they must first be “trained” on hundreds and thousands of images of humans, vehicles, and interactions. Procuring and hand-labeling appropriate photography can take years.

Now we can generate the required training data for security algorithms in days. The AI.Reverie Platform features photorealistic 3D Retail, City and Warehouse environments based on real inputs such as store maps and satellite footage. We programmatically create millions of perfectly-annotated images and videos for your scenario. Simply upload our data to your development environment to begin.

Use Cases

AIReverie Cashierless Shopping


AI.Reverie Violent Activity Detection


AIReverie Synthetic Data CCTV