A simulation platform to train AI to understand the world.

Our Services

Our synthetic data significantly improves object detection.

We offer a suite of data and vision APIs to help businesses get the massive amounts of training data they need to continually train and retrain their vision algorithms and improve the efficacy and safety of their AI applications.



1. Build Virtual Worlds

We build photorealistic virtual worlds to closely mimic any real location where our client's services are being used.

  • Terrain Generations (interior, exterior, rural, urban, mixed) 
  • Weather Conditions (atmospheric effects, extreme scenarios)
  • Lighting Scenarios (day/night, indoors, outdoors)

2. Create Object Models

We dynamically create variations of objects - different materials, textures, composition - to ensure flexibility and diversity in our synthetic data. 

  • Models of people, animals, vehicles
  • Model of inanimate objects

  • Model customization like colors, decals, placement


3. Develop Simulations

We develop simulations that give our clients the ability to control key characteristics, behaviors and functions to get the data they need.

  • Basic waypoint movements
  • Object physics
  • Interactions

4. Generate Synthetic Data

We provide fully annotated synthetic data- at scale and error free- that saves time, lowers costs, and can be used to immediately train AI.  

  • 2D bounding box
  • 3D bounding box
  • Surface normals
  • Depth masks
  • Edge masks
  • Semantic segmentation masks
  • Instanced segmentation masks
  • Keypoint annotations (MPII, COCO)

Simulation will become the de facto method for training AI.

With our business partners, we  build customized virtual worlds, create objects, develop simulations, and generate synthetic data for their specific training needs.



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