Smart Cities

We support security, robotics and productivity to make daily life safer, more convenient, and more rewarding.
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How Synthetic Data Can Help

Computer-vision enveloped cities — Smart Cities — are already improving the lives of citizens, making daily life more convenient, safer, and more rewarding. Meanwhile, smart cities enable businesses to scale via robotic logistics, security measures, and real-time economic data. It is with these improvements on daily personal and civic life that we’re developing synthetic urban models and environments to train algorithms for the smart cities of the future. As last-mile logistics like drone delivery, self-driving cars, and autonomous mass transit become reality, they will all rely on diverse, edge-case datasets in order to assure that our cities are truly smart.

Use Cases

Smart Cities Public Safety


Detect unusual activity for security and law enforcement.

Smart Cities Mobile Robotics


Train robotic equipment to navigate always-changing environments

Smart Cities Traffic Control


Monitor traffic congestion, accidents and bottlenecks.