AI.Reverie growth

AI.Reverie announced a 3X growth in business during 2020. We attribute the uptick to stronger than expected global demand for perpetual access to synthetic data and computer vision solutions.

CEO Daeil Kim explains, “The pandemic put tremendous pressure on global enterprises to work more creatively in 2020. This was particularly the case for data procurement, a critical function for modern organizations. AI.Reverie’s ability to help companies and government agencies create photorealistic visual data, rather than capturing it on the ground, has been a clear advantage. Synthetic data is also more ethical and expedient, eliminating biases and labor challenges.”

By every measure, 2020 was a banner year for AI.Reverie. The company expanded its offerings into the Retail and Agriculture markets. The United States Air Force awarded AI.Reverie a $1.5M AFWERX Phase 2 SBIR contract, and recently named the company a vendor in its $3.3B, five-year Advance Battle Management System (ABMS) program. AI.Reverie also successfully completed a $5.6M round of equity financing led by Vulcan, and released the largest open dataset of real and synthetic overhead imagery, Rareplanes, with the In-Q-Tel lab CosmiQ Works.

Gartner recognized AI.Reverie as a “Cool Vendor” in AI Core Technologies and Forbes named it a “Top 25 Machine Learning Start-up,” among other honors.

The AI.Reverie synthetic data platform creates a virtually endless supply of annotated images and videos. Its mission is to accelerate computer vision by improving the quality, diversity, and accuracy of metadata.