Our Values

We want AI to be used in ways that benefit all people.


We are at a fundamental crossroads in the development of AI, both from a technological and ethical standpoint.  How we move forward with what Demis Hassabis, CEO of Google DeepMind, called the “last technological invention” for mankind, will define who we are as a generation.

The great promise of AI is developing technologies that can help alleviate problems related to the core human issues of food, health, shelter, and safety.

By focusing our efforts on these core issues, we will use AI to help restore the dignity and minds of those who are born into more difficult circumstances.

By helping those who have the least, we want to ensure that AI can be used in ways that benefit all people, rather than a privileged few. At our core, this is what AI. Reverie hopes to accomplish.


Daeil Kim
Founder, CEO